{ Capra aegagrus hircus }

They love spending time 

in their playhouse!

  • Baby goats are called “Kids”
  • Over 300 breeds of goats
  • Goats are herbivores
  • Lifespan of 15-18 years
  • Enjoy jumping on high objects
  • Kids most commonly arrive as twins
  • They have 4 stomachs
  • The vocal sound they make are called bleats
  • They only have bottom teeth
  • Favorite snack: Spinach and lettuce

Find your way around the Farm:

You'll enjoy the many activities around the farm regardless of your age

" Was definitely a Winter Wonderland! All the lights and decorations gave it a magical feeling. The customer service was first class. The kids really enjoyed themselves. Thank you for putting this together at an affordable price. I will recommend it to everyone I know with kids... "

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"Beautiful place, great customer services. Come and enjoy time with your family and loved ones..."

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